Talent on Tap: New Music February


Words by Samantha Morris

Kicking off our Talent on Tap column for 2024, we’re stoked to bring you a stellar lineup of new tunes from local artists. From hip hop, rock and tech house beats to gypsy-flamenco vibes, this month’s roundup of new music is just what you need to dive into another year of top-notch music from the Gold Coast and local music sector. Listen to our curated Spotify playlist here or read on for all details on the latest releases.

Black Vatican Death Squad have arrived

Black Vatican Death Squad have hit the ground running with their debut release ‘I’. The brainchild of Samual Dicklich (Purple Zain, Hell & Whiskey) and Tommy Creeper (The Wrath), this two-piece outfit is a rock ‘n’ roll force to be reckoned with. Their 10-track album, recorded in Tommy Creeper’s own studio and thus becoming the first release on Creephouse Records, is diverse, unapologetic, and raw with energy at its core. ‘I’ delivers rhythmic, in-your-face, visceral, authentic rock ‘n’ roll. Black Vatican Death Squad have not just strayed from the usual rock ‘n’ roll script, They’ve chewed it up into a rock-hard ball and fired it from a canon, right into our faces.

Buttered go green-eyed in latest release

With debut album ‘Homesick’ dropping as you read this column, Buttered have teased its release with a soulful pop-folk tune, smooth as silk. New single, ‘Jealous’ showcases the very best of Buttered’s trademark suavity with syrupy harmonies and guitar hooks you’ll be humming for days to come. The new single, the last to be recorded, sits on the album alongside previously released tracks like ‘Lucid’ and ‘Heroes’ which have cemented this duo’s position as the Gold Coast’s premier soul-pop-folk-rnb outfit. ‘Jealous’ is out now and the new album ‘Homesick’ is out 30 January.

Felicity Lawless and MsEleneous Dream of Love

Released in the second half of 2023, ‘Dream of Love’ is a new album featuring virtuosic clarinet and saxophone player MsEleneous and the insanely talented guitarist Felicity Lawless. ‘Dream of Love’ is full of serious gypsy-flamenco vibes, with reggae and dub elements appearing amongst Felicity’s flamenco / finger picking work, sublime harmonies and Spanish and Middle Eastern tones. This is an eclectic album which demonstrates the superb sonic chemistry being cooked up by these two musical mavens.

Love & Violence from new alt-metallers

Head 1st is a relatively new alt-metal outfit, based here on the Gold Coast. Their new single ‘Love & Violence’ which they say is a big fuck you to domestic violence is fast and furious. For a new band, Head 1st have taken the bull by the horns, releasing five singles in 2023, each of them big, bold and audacious. ‘Love & Violence’ builds on this repertoire. It’s exciting that a city like the Gold Coast can harbour artists like Head 1st, flying under the radar while producing world-class metal. If you like your riffs on the heavy side, you’ll love Head 1st.

The ADX drops ‘Bad Chick’

Local hip-hop artist ADX has dropped his latest single ‘Bad Chick’: a story of lust and unrequited love. The new track sees The ADX step away from his propensity for fast-paced songs with a more laid back approach to delivering rhymes alongside minimalist production. ‘Bad Chick’ is out now.

Brand New Day for Dawn of Dusk

Dawn of Dusk return with new single ‘Dawn of a Brand New Day’, which garnered more than a thousand streams on the day of its release, is full of slick guitar and no-frills but on-point vocals. Reminiscent of your favourite 90s grunge acts, this new track channels a little Eddie Vedder, a little Soundgarden and a whole lot of Peter Zabic – who’s been around the block a bit, having found his feet performing live at Gold Coast institution The Loft a decade ago.

Jargøn drops tech house banger

‘Walk With It’ is the latest creation from Gold Coast artist Jargøn. This meticulously produced sonic adventure blends cutting-edge tech house beats with infectious melodies. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have this ear-worm doing its best to take over neural pathways for days after listening. Pulsating basslines and hypnotic synth patterns set Jargøn up as an artist ready to redefine the tech house genre.

Melody Bliss is on the Rebound Girl

Another debut track from an emerging Gold Coast artist… ‘Rebound Girl’ by Melody Bliss. A catchy, pop number, written about an ex-boyfriend. There’s nothing complicated about this debut offering. It’s a simple pop number which ably ticks all the boxes: lyrics about lost love and coming of age, catchy riffs and hum-along chorus. ‘Rebound’ is to be quickly followed up by the artist’s second release ‘Connected At The Hips’, due for release 7 February. It’s a disco-dance track inspired by a Missy Elliott song. Keep your ears peeled, fam.

Damiano Mex returns

In collaboration with Isi Hernandez, Damiano Mex is back with a sublime new track ‘Feel Me’.  Originally from Rome and now residing on the Gold Coast, Damiano has been making music and writing songs since his teenage years. He’s recently found himself on the other side of the production desk: producing, writing and mixing music. This new track follows from ‘Such a Good Story’; a collaboration with Sharni Forrester launched late last year. Seems there might be more to come from Damiano and his various collaborators.

True Taylor has Immature Intentions

‘Immature Intentions’ is the debut EP from 17 year old Gold Coast artist True Taylor. With talent that defies his youth, this debut is slick, showcasing a true penchant for lyricism and music-making. Each of the four tracks on the EP are solid singles and with more than 3000 monthly listeners on one streaming platform alone, this young artist is undoubtedly one to watch.

Colours for Liquid Contours

Liquid Contours is the musical project of Colby McMillan, delving into a kaleidoscope of sounds revolving the psychedelic genre. ‘Colours’ is the artist’s new track, showcasing a commitment to originality and artistic expression with poetic lyrics and a melodic blend of psych-rock and dream-pop… a match made in heaven. This song brings music to life. You can see colours alongside its bright tones. ‘Colours’ is an ode to the rich tapestry of hues that paint our world.

City Over Sand Count on the Days

I’d seen City Over Sand frontman Dan Carroll sharing haikus on social media over recent months, but I wasn’t expecting one of them to introduce his new track in PR material.A song about cats / A song about people too/ Lessons in living.” ‘Count On the Days’ is a song written from a cat’s perspective, a song of simple living, of lessons learned through observation. It follows the band’s 5-track EP ‘Half Full’ released in 2022. Dan Carroll is an exceptional songwriter and this new track delivers in spades. With subtle vocals and guitar in the first half building to a crescendo of urgent questioning in the second. Produced and engineered by the award-winning Brad Hosking, the track also features special guests Cleo and Summer Hosking, AKA the Hosking Family Choir. ‘Count On the Day’s is out 2 February.

Electro-fusion from Super Fun Down Under

Having just returned from a super fun tour of Japan (and another planned for September), Super Fun Down Under, are in fact back Down Under, and with new music to their name. ‘Don’t Resist Control’ is an electro-cyberpunk number full of dystopian pop-synth melodies. True to their name, this relatively new outfit comprising Lou Kacer (Banks of the Beautiful), Guy Cooper (Serotonin Productions on guitar, bass, keytar and vox) Jake Morton (drums, vox) and Kirk Mesmer (Sook, on vox and guitar) deliver super fun vibes in a neon-lit aural explosion and their new track builds on this brand. A jubilant tribute to female empowerment, ‘Don’t Resist the Control’ is a funked-up fusion of electro synth, punk and rock.



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