What we do.

From the team behind the Gold Coast’s own cultural street press, Blank and the annual Gold Coast Music Awards, Gold Coast Music Network was established in 2021, to develop Gold Coast’s recorded and live, original music sector.

Our vision is a thriving and resilient, music scene on the Gold Coast that is recognised and valued by consumers and decision makers.

Our objectives


achievements through the Gold Coast Music Awards


a strong brand and identity and a sense of belonging for Gold Coast music businesses and artists


with people who have the right skills and resources across the music industry to help achieve our goals


partnerships with organisations across society working towards the same goals


the community with opportunities to experience and appreciate local live music


We value artists and the important and valuable contribution they make to society and our own quality of life.


We work on continual improvement and innovation. We apply creative solutions to problems, we gain new skills and we constantly seek new ideas to inform our work.

We acknowledge that ownership of the lands on which we work has never been ceded by its Traditional Owners. We acknowledge and respect First Nations people. We elevate First Nations artists as well as other People of Colour.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We value the Earth’s limited natural resources. We believe in climate change. We offset any unavoidable emissions.

We value honesty, transparency and shared respect. We seek out and cultivate these values in all partnerships.

We are a female-led, feminist organisation. We work hard to elevate other womxn and those who do not conform to gender norms.


We do what we say.

our work