Talent on Tap: New Music December

Talent on Tap: new music for December, brought to you by Burleigh Brewing.

Words by Samantha Morris

Our final new music column of this year – and it does not disappoint! This month’s Talent On Tap features a killer array of new singles and EPs from local artists. Listen to our curated Spotify playlist or read on for all details on the latest releases. Let’s get into it…

Frank Swaby releases Tree Home

With beautiful lyricism and raw, heartfelt emotion, ‘Tree Home’ is a soulful slice of summer. The debut from Gold Coast singer songwriter Frank Swaby showcases his honest storytelling and ability to create music from the heart. ‘Tree Home’ is a reflection on life’s journey, on growth and self-discovery. It’s a promising debut from Swaby, as he switches gears to fully embrace a career in music.

Fab Rick and the Material Girls

Gold Coast producer / guitarist Rick Hollis calls himself a “bonafide nobody” that’s been around the musical block a few times. Rick has re-released tracks he created some years ago under the new moniker Fab Rick, joined on stage by The Material Girls – uni mates and fellow musicians with the goal of having fun. ‘Haberdashery’ is a five-track EP and Rick writes, plays and produces everything in his studio. When he plays live with the Material Girls there’s a mix of guitars, synths, frantic beats and silly costumes. The five tracks on ‘Haberdashery’ are a mixed bag of rock and electronic beats. Rick is best known locally for his slick guitar-playing, but in these songs the guitar takes equal footing alongside flawless production and experimentation with sounds and beats. Rick is an accomplished and highly-regarded musician who’s been sitting on these songs for a long time. Hopefully we hear much more from Fab Rick and the Material Girls real soon.

Mad Wxrld’s debut EP

Gold Coast rapper / singer Mad Wxrld has released a stunning debut EP. ‘Mad Love’ is a seven-track release, showcasing the artist’s unique sound and commitment to her craft. Each track delivers a different spin on ambient r&b, trap and chilled beats. Together the seven tracks lay bare Mad Wxrld’s ability to craft songs that people genuinely connect with. The last couple of years have been big ones for the trap-rap-hip-hop artist who found herself graduating from making music in a bedroom studio to opening for Sydney rapper Shely210 and international artist Kid Ink and dishing up a show-stopping performance to close the 2022 Gold Coast Music Awards.

The Sex Guys get Out of My Head

The opening riffs from this short and sweet piece of garage punk immediately let you know that The Sex Guys mean business. Rocking, high energy, raw garage sounds are the order of the day with The Sex Guys and ‘Out of My Head’ delivers in spades. Catch ‘Out of My Head’ live when this frenetic GC three-piece play Best Night Ever on 30 December.

Satisvibes drop Information Song

New single from local outfit Satisvibes is an ode to emotional resilience in the era of information. The track is a harmonious blend of insightful lyrics and captivating melodies, wrapped in a film of positivity. Frontman and vocalist Joseph Brown sounds slick and soulful in this new track, which inspires listeners to navigate the complexities of the digital age without losing their inner calm. “This track is close to our hearts as it reflects the journey of staying centered in today’s world,” Joshua says. ‘Information Song’ is out now.

Cold Tiles by Dennis

Dennis takes things up a notch with latest offering ‘Cold Tiles’. Sophisticated song-writing, shimmering instrumentation and Dennis’ captivating vocals mean ‘Cold Tiles’ is a flawless musical package, cementing her place in the local music scene as a star on the rise. ‘Cold Tiles’ is an indie-pop gem with an infectious, groove-fuelled chorus and shimmering melodies throughout.

Will Carlson Fucks around and Finds Out

This new seven-track EP from Brisbane via Gold Coast artist Will Carlson delivers an eclectic soundscape of rap-hip-hop-pop crossover tracks. ‘Fuck Around and Find Out’ sees Will Carlson write, produce, mix and master all his songs while enthralling with catchy melodies and expert story-telling. Earlier projects had will releasing lo-fi beat mixtapes to Spotify, amassing tens of thousands of streams but this release sees him shake off the producer moniker to establish himself as a songwriter and artist.  ‘Fuck Around and Find Out’ is a stellar release from this emerging artist, definitely one to watch.

Phoenix K delivers ‘Sorry’

This third single from Gold Coast guitarist Phoenix K sees ‘Sorry’ deliver slick riffs in a powerful portion of 70/80s-inspired heavy rock. Phoenix K is captivating audiences and breaking boundaries, having released his debut single at just 15. His live show is inspired by heavy bands from decades past and he’s ramping ip to take his sound to rock festivals worldwide come 2024.

Benny D goes all out for ‘Saturday Night’

Inspired by Tokyo Beef frontman Graeme Treanor’s lament at the price of beers at a pub these days, and another mate who consistently gets ejected from fine drinking establishments after just a couple of frothies, Benny D William has returned with a new song in the form of ‘Saturday Night’. With a catchy chorus ‘we ain’t going down to the pub to do our drinking no more’ and the usual tinkerings of Benny on guitar, vocals and clever songwriting ‘Saturday Night’ is the first release from our favourite loop artist for ages as he busies himself in the studio with a bunch of local projects. Benny plays, sings, records, mixes and masters everything you hear in ‘Saturday Night’ which is a soulful and light-hearted cracker.

Nyckelharpa front and centre for Sue Ferrers new release

Seasoned folk musician, Sue Ferrers plays the rare but hauntingly beautiful Swedish nyckelharpa, or keyed-fiddle, an instrument dating back to the Middle Ages. After spending the last two decades releasing albums, playing intimate concerts in churches and touring stadiums and festivals throughout Europe, Sue has returned to the Gold Coast to share her absoulutely spellbinding music (and just quietly, we’d love to see a GC metal x nyckelharpa collab while she’s in town.) A finalist for the Australian Folk Music Awards in the category of Instrumentalist of the Year, Sue’s new song ‘Vitterpolskan’ was produced by Benny D Williams.

Chavez Cartel score New York festival set

Seems someone is watching over Gold Coast four-piece alt-rock band Chavez Cartel. Having scored a slot at The New Colossus Festival in New York in March 2024 and with a new single ‘No One’s Watching Over’, this home-grown outfit have been kicking a bunch of other goals – AMRAP charts, airplay in the UK and north America and three GC Music Awards nominations as well as a signing to End of Trail Creative (UK) and showcase sets at The Great Escape (2023) and Focus Wales (2023). Estbalishing themselves firmly in the ‘ones to watch’ category, Chavez Cartel’s new single is a slow-burner, described by Everblack Media as having “hazy propulsions and billowing soundscapes”. It’s a cooler, calmer exploration of the Chavez sound, a slight detour from the heavier-hitting tracks which have come before it. New York’s in for a treat come March.

Klacey throws ‘Curveball’ to see out the year

At just 18, Klacey is already making waves locally, having released and performed her own music since 15 and writing songs since she was 11. Already sounding like an experienced and wordly songstress, Klacey’s new single ‘Curveball’ is full of introspective lyrics and dream melodies, tied in a ribbon of the artist’s soulful and emotive voice. While recording new music, Klacey has also been honing her live chops, opening for Sunny Luwe and OK Matt Collins at Dust Temple, shining on stage at Vinnies Dive Bar and winning a ‘launchpad’ prize offered by elsewhere. Klacey is fast developing her own signature pop sound and ‘Curveball’ is testament to this.

Tobiahs samples Georgia Hoareau in ‘Hurt This Bad’

Mushroom-signed producer DJ Tobiahs has sampled local siren Georgia Hoareau’s song ‘In The End’ from her debut EP in his latest offering. Titled ‘Hurt This Bad’, this reimagined electro-pop track is a fast-paced banger with an addictive beat. Georgia’s vocals which appear sporadically are haunting and captivating. It’s exciting to see artists like Tobiahs sampling Gold Coast talent. Tobiahs said “when I found Georgia’s original vocal, I couldn’t believe how such a good song had flown under the radar – I knew right away I had to sample it. I’ve always tried to explore new ground within dance music while maturing as a person, and I hope ‘Hurt This Bad’ is a reflection of that growth musically and personally.”

Archer drops EP ‘23’

Following from cracker single ‘Bittersweet’, Archer has released her debut EP ‘23’. That track opens the five-track release with catchy melodies and energy-oozing confidence. The rest of the EP sees reverb-soaked guitars, pop beats, piano-based ballads, an explosion of pop, hip-hop and electro sounds and an elevation of vocals showing what might yet be to come for this versatile and talented artist. And with 3+ million streams and 65,000 total playlist adds on one streaming service alone, Archer is definitely one to keep a keen eye on.


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