New Music: October + November

by Samantha Morris

Fresh from our desk to your ears, we bring you a MEGA edition of new music from local artists. Stream the playlist on Spotify and dive into all the latest from local artists:


HaydenGoSeek has Found a new sound

A new album from Cheap Fakes frontman Hayden Andrews has dropped this month: a lucky-dip collection of experimental, genre-bending tracks that somehow fit together seamlessly in this 32-minute, 9-track package of sunshiney, coastal sounds. With a mix of country-folk (complete with fiddle), reggae (complete with horns), easy-listening lounge vibes, through to surf guitar and a haunting, atmospheric cover of Cindi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, there’s no doubt in ‘Found Music’ that Andrews, going by the moniker HaydenGoSeek, is first and foremost a songwriter and artist. The stunning artwork for ‘Found Music’ is a collaboration between Hayden and his son Louie.


Farewell to Zac Fahey

Zac Fahey has stepped away from the New Music column after deftly taking over from Blank Street Press co-founder Samantha Morris in 2019. For four years Zac has listened to hundreds of new songs from Gold Coast artists sharing his thoughts about the tracks and their inner workings. Zac gave the first media coverage to many emerging Gold Coast artists and we can’t thank him enough for his huge contribution to local music. He’s not entirely gone though. He’s still an active member of the Gold Coast Music Awards judging panel and you’ll still see him front and centre at all manner of gigs across our fine music city. Thanks Zac. You rock. Samantha Morris has returned to the New Music hotseat with the column now being published on Gold Coast Music Network platforms. You can continue to send your new music to


JK-47 joins forces with Tasman Keith

Bundjalung rapper JK-47 has been taking the hip-hop community by storm and this new release – ‘Avalanche’ – a collaboration with old friend and neighbour Jay Orient and fellow rapper Tasman Keith is set to do the same. It’s the final single from upcoming album ‘ReVision (for ReGrowth), due out 3 November and it’s delivered in two parts. The first sees dramatic instrumentation set the scene for JK’s rap vocals delivered with fervour. The second sees Tasman’s lilting vocals delivered over a funk-inspired groove. ‘Avalanche’ delivers astute lyrics, a perfect balance between two adept vocalists each bringing something unique and diverse to the table, alongside flawless production.


Hazel Mei gets down

Soulful and soaring vocals are the centrepiece of new track ‘Downtown’ by Hazel Mei. With layered undertones of hip-hop, synths and gentle horns, the song is the result of collaboration between Hazel and long-time collaborator and drummer Trevor Gee, co-produced with 2023 Gold Coast Music Awards Producer of the Year Jared Adlam. Hazel Mei delivers sultry tones and eclectic sounds that are impossible to pigeon-hole into just one genre. Blurring the lines between jazz and neo-soul as well as indie and pop, this rising star doesn’t just know how to write a song, but also deliver the hooks that’ll have you coming back again and again.

Girl and Girl unleash new performance video

With opening riffs that make you want to jump around with strangers, Gold Coast indie darlings Girl and Girl have released a new performance video and single for their track ‘Strangers’. With driving guitars front and centre, this surf-guitar inspired track delivers four minutes of musical mastery. Lyrics dance around the notion of being brave, heading out alone and interacting with new people; with strangers. Recorded as a live studio session at Fight Night Records in Melbourne, frontman Kai James says it’s his favourite track to play live: ”people connect with it. I try my best cowboy dancing, and everyone’s stomping and shouting together. It’s a hoot.”



Only a Matter of Time for Wandering Blind

With a smattering of 80s pop, complete with heavenly synths and drum machines, Gold Coast duo Wandering Blind have delivered another catchy tune in the form of ‘Only a Matter of Days’. The new single is a well-crafted dose of indie weirdness. If you like Talking Heads, you’ll love this little ear-worm.

Tin Parlour drop debut

A rag-tag collection of Tweed / Kingscliff dwellers has collaborated on an album of new songs ‘All That We Are’. The five-piece Tin Parlour, featuring Stephanie Gilmore’s dad Jeff Gilmore, alongside shaper Chris Garrett, his partner Jane Garrett and Thom Davey and Gabrielle Fry was inspired by Jane’s covers duo being knocked back from playing a cool venue for not having any originals. She solved that problem by forming a band and writing her own material. Third single off the album ‘Red-backed Wren’ features an ethereal opening, complete with the twitters, of what I assume are fairywrens. Other singles on the album dish up indie-folk, low-key pop and nothing but foot-tapping, feel-good vibes. All That We Are is out now.

Athena Joy blames it on the brain

Equal measures of boogie and pop, Athena Joy once again delivers a dark but upbeat number dealing with topics of anxiety and mental health in her latest single ‘Blame it On the Brain’. The opening slowly builds to deliver a crescendo at the beginning of the chorus that hooks the listener in and keeps them there. Athena says the bridge, screaming ‘poison, poison, dripping in poison’ is meant to emulate a mental breakdown but what is most striking is how an artist can deliver such dark themes in such a sing-a-long manner. With heavy bass lines and thoughtful, catchy lyrics this new track really packs a punch.

A bittersweet release for Archer

Gold Coast artist Archer dishes up a new single in ‘Bittersweet’, a playful, bedroom-pop anthem, co-produced, mixed and mastered by Naarm (Melbourne) rapper / producer Drest. Blurring the lines between pop and hip-hop, Archer delivers a catchy number with this new single, honing a style that bring something fresh and unique to the Australian pop scene. Her first release since 2021, the track follows her 2018 hit “Malibu’ which amassed more than 3 million streams ‘Bittersweet’ is both familiar and different, bitter and sweet.

Transpacific project launches

Heavy Wax drummer Dave Amphlett has joined forces with an international cast of musicians, including Billboard chart-topper Jason ‘Space’ Smith in a new music project called The Transpacific. Currently recording their first album, between Australia, LA and Houston. The outfit have just released their first single “invaders”. With big, chunky guitars, this new track ‘Invaders’ is an instant heavy rock classic. Full of power chords and sonic swagger, frontman Space deftly demonstrates his decades of songwriting experience. And Amphlett, as expected, shines brightly on the skins. ‘Invaders’ really packs a punch for a debut from a new project, but then again, given the experience of the team involved, there’s no real surprise here.


Girl can sing: Sunny Luwe’s big debut

With songs that have been described by Blank Street Press as boasting ‘70s sass’,  ‘empowering lyricism’ and ‘melodic mastery’, Sunny Luwe’s new album ‘Flowers in the Sky’ launched in October at a sold-out soiree at Dust Temple. The album showcases Luwe’s voice (which is even better live) layered against a background of genre-diverse music encompassing blues, pop, funk and nostalgic love songs. Most of Sunny Luwe’s music is light and breezy but my favourite on the album ‘On Friday I Drove Into the Lake’ shows a darker, side to Luwe’s songwriting. Full of sunshine and earthy vibes, ‘Flowers in the Sky’ is out now.

Drifting Away to Ronan McLean’s new release

Ronan McLean is an artist on a mission. And I know that because I’ve witnessed the lengths this young artist will go to to have his music heard. But your marketing is all for nought if you ain’t got the goods to back it up, right? Released in August-September, Ronan’s throwback to nostalgic 90s heartbreak ‘Drifing Away’ is only his third track. With atmospheric but upbeat pop at its core, it’s got whispers of (new) Post Malone and is delivered with lyrics that hit hard for the heartbroken. Ronan is a multi-instrumentalist and producer as well as a prolific songwriter. The music definitely lives up to the marketing hype, so get your ears around this one quick-smart.

Nothing’s gonna stop Jack Watson

Jack Watson is a newcomer to releasing his own music, but certainly not a newcomer to global stages. A performer for a long time and now a vocal coach at the acclaimed Hanlon School of Music, Jack’s debut single ‘Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now’ is a perfect slice of trad country, complete with tales of lost love and hope for the future. The track, a collaboration with Lindsay Waddington showcases Jack’s versatile and powerful voice as well as his songwriting talent. ‘Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now’ isn’t out until 2024, but is set to give Jack a serious leg-up in the competitive country space here on the Gold Coast.

Alien release for Xylo

With a slow build, repetitive but subtle bass line, lush vocals and an unconventional percussive drop, atmospheric, electro-track ‘Alien’ is the latest release from Xylo Aria’s album ‘Dream’. Xylo combines R&B, experimental and ambient tones in this song, creating a captivating soundscape. Early Indian influences peek through Xylo’s musical creations, a throwback to classical Carnatic vocal classes the artist took from age five alongside her grandmother.

Arizona’s been waiting for Tomi Gray

New single ‘Arizona’s Waiting’ by Tomi Gray delivers a powerful and introspective musical experience. This GC musician, author and performer found inspiration for the track in a journey through Arizona’s deserts and the song does deliver a unique take on the sounds of America’s southwest. Tomi’s creative spirit shines bright in this road-tripping track, which deftly blends Americana and rock genres, along with a mix of hearfelt lyrics, spoken word and Mexican guitar layered over rich instrumentation.

7 Months in Space showcases Eimhin’s songwriting talent

When Eimhin Healy fell on hard times he was offered a bed at a Melbourne backpackers called Space Hotel. What was supposed to be temporary accommodation until he found his feet ended up being home for 7 months. His new track, aptly titled ‘7 Months in Space) is the product of that experience. With stunning lyricism – fast becoming Eimhin’s calling card and the most beautiful, stripped-back acoustic guitar work, the song showcases the Gold Coast artist’s warm and emotive voice as well as his shimmering songwriting ability. It’s evident Eimhin was born to be a storyteller. That he’s chosen to tell those stories via song is a true gift to all that listen. This Irish-born troubadour has worked hard to build genuine relationships on the Gold Coast and those efforts are paying off with a dedicated and loyal fan base now emerging.

Leaving Jordan find their Apex

Fusing punk, indie and rock genres, Leaving Jordan give a solid nod to their hardcore Byron Bay musical roots in their latest single ‘Apex’. The track, their third release off EP ‘Better Late Than Never’ is an electrifying combination of distorted but chunky riffs and breakdowns, percussive brilliance and harrowing melodic vocals. ‘Apex’ is a promising wall of sound for these Northern Rivers artists: drawing a fine line between misery and ecstasy while delivering songwriting that is raw and familiar but also polished and unique.

Damiano Mex and Shani Forrester launch collab

Blending both artistry and academic pursuits, Damiano Mex and Shani Forrester met at Southern Cross University and have since combined forces to launch new music – on Damiano’s own label; Mex Music Productions. ‘Such a Good Story’ is a pop arrangement with blues undertones and the track, which the pair co-write, simultaneously showcases Shani’s lyrical and vocal ability as well as Damiano’s slick production talents. By playing to eachother’s strengths Damiano Mex and Shani Forrester have produced a beautiful song which feels familiar, yet contemporary and fresh.

Site Unseen

Eyesite is a metal outfit from the Northern Rivers of NSW. The band defied all odds by emerging from the pandemic tighter than ever, with a debut EP and a full calendar of gigs, only made more impressive by the fact they were finishing their senior year of school. Their new track ‘Unseen’ is their first attempt at an acoustic offering and it explores the band’s feelings transitioning from adolescence to the ‘real world’. Usually serving up songs that are heavy, fast and raw, in ‘Unseen’ we hear something vulnerable and emotive. Vocals and lyrics are on point with instrumentation helping to draw the listener in to the song’s themes of overthinking and despair. Normally shredding until their fingers bleed, in ‘Unseen’ Eyesite show off their songwriting skills as well as their versatility and adaptability.

Salty Season’s fifth single

Big guitar solos are the order of the day for four-piece Salty Season’s new track ‘City of Love’. The track – their fifth release – wastes no time introducing percussion and vocals, luring the listener with the promise of a stock-standard indie rock track. Until the guitars kick in. And it’s at that point you realise that Salty Season (who have been described as having are not just another indie rock band. They keep joking that Splendour 2025 is a dream, but also say ‘we’re in the business of making dreams a reality’. So familiarise yourself with this banger now. Because when you do one day see them at Splendour, be prepared the whole amphitheatre will be singing along to ‘City of Love’– it’s just one of those songs.

Satisvibes ‘Feel so Free’

Living up to their name, Satisvibes have delivered a sublime little summer reggae number for lovers of dubbed-out vibes.  With stripped-back horns and soul-stirring melodies, ‘Feel So Free’ has the hallmarks of joy and liberation this four-piece is fast becoming known for. Satisvibes is a rising force in the world of reggae-funk-groove and one of the city’s best merchants of positivity. The celebratory anthem “Feel So Free’ is out now, ahead of three ‘Summer Raggae Party’ local shows: 11 November at Brunswick Heads Hotel, 12 November at Mo’s and 18 November at Yamba Pacific Hotel.

Wootton Major Try Again

The second single from the upcoming self-titled Wootton Major EP has been released. ‘Try Again’ is a slow-burner, infused with hints of soul and blues to create a folksy, indie-rock number that showcases the band’s musical talent and diverse influences. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Alabama Shakes, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, Wootton Major have been working hard to build a live show and hone their songwriting skills and this is evident in their new material. See for yourself when they launch ‘Try Again’ at Mos Desert Clubhouse on 10 November.


Jaz Sebastian goes from Zero to Hero

Due for release on 6 November, his birthday, ‘Zero 2 Hero’ is the second song to be released from Jaz’s upcoming album ‘New Visions of Apocalyptica’. A drum machine sets the scene on this new track, before Jaz’ multi-layered vocals kick in to deliver a powerful electro-rock theme. Jaz Sebastian is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer and that creativity really shines through with this new music. It’s hard to pigeon-hole Jaz Sebastian’s music, the best thing to do at this point is go take a listen yourself.



Super Fun Down Under get Wild

Self-described ‘cyberpunk party band’ Super Fun Down Under are back with a new single, diving headfirst into a neon-lit soundscape. Comprising enigmatic and acclaimed band members: Loustar (Banks of the Beautiful) with Jake ‘Mortdogz 5000’ Moreton on drums and vox, Kir Mesmer (Sook) on vox and guitar and Guy Cooper on guitar, bass, keytar and vox, the four-piece is unequivocally aiming for a high-energy stage show ‘Wild’ is an electro-rock track full of electrifying beats and dystopian melodies which compel the listener to dance. Strap in: the future of music here. Or as Super Fun Down Under sing in this track… “This is the new world.”

Brett Voss Reveals new release

Best known as frontman and guitarist for 90s Brisbane grunge-pop band Filter and then power-pop trio Starbug, Brett Voss is back, but this time with a solo project. ‘Revealed’ follows from the new-wave, retro, indie-guitar sounds off Brett’s earlier EP with a more straight-forward indie-rock sound becoming dominant. With snappy production and an infectious chorus hook, this new track is destined to put this Scenic Rim artist back on the map.


Evol Walks reimagines Sleeping with a Ghost

Gold Coast / Los Angeles based Evol Walks, usually known as thunderous riff merchants are releasing an acoustic version of ‘Sleeping With a Ghost’ on 17 November – exactly a year out from releasing the ear-shattering original version of this track. This new reimagined version is a soul-stirring and darkly melodic adaptation which is testament to the vocal and songwriting prowess of the band’s driving force Leah Martin-Brown. Intimate and powerful, ‘Sleeping with a Ghost (Reimagined)’ is a poignant opening salvo from the band’s upcoming acoustic EP.

Parker’s ‘Sofa Bed’

Speaking truth to the rough and raw emotions of youth, Parker, the solo project of 15yo Gold Coaster Sam Lethbridge, is back with a new single ‘Sofa Bed’. What starts out with a sunny slice of synth-pop, turns into a banging indie-rock track with just the right amount of teen angst. Parker’s only just finding his feet, so keep your ears peeled for new music from this up and comer.

There’s Only One Georgia Hoareau

Georgia Hoareau is back with a catchy indie-pop tune, set to soundtrack summer. ‘Only One’ continues in the vein of Georgia’s heart-on-sleeve songwriting, accompanied by sweet vocals and an atmospheric sound-scape of guitars, keys and drums. At just 19, and already a 6-time Gold Coast Music Award finalist, Georgia has been gigging relentlessly between study, songwriting and recording. This new track ‘Only One’ is out 10 November.

Forget Me Not, Prchr

Holy intro, batman. The first 30 seconds of Prchr (pronounced Percher)’s new track ‘Forget Me Not’ really sets the listener up for what’s about to come. A psychedelic, alt-garage track, ‘Forget Me Not’ tells a twisted tale of false truths and fake news with the 24yo breaking barriers with big tones, anthemic vocals and what could very well be the biggest alt-rock breakdown of the year. There’s no doubt Prchr is out to leave his mark on the local alternative scene this year, an easy feat when you consider the punch that this new track packs. ‘Forget Me Not’ is out 3 November.

Oliver White ‘Get Over Yourself’

The debut single for Gold Coast’s Oliver White (the nephew of Kaiser Chiefs guitarist Andrew White is an interesting release for this new artist. With vocals reminiscent of Jim Morrison, and synths and beats punctuating an interesting and at times unpredictable sonic landscape, this is an interesting and unique debut and leaves me wondering what secrets Oliver’s 9-track album ‘Projections’, due for release in 2024, might unleash upon us. If this debut is anything to go by, it’ll be a one-of-a-kind aural journey and I’m down for that.

Mark Easton releases covers album with a difference

Mark Easton released album ‘Dark Blue’ in 2023 which went on to number 4 on the Blues airplay charts. His new album ‘Nothing’s Sacred’ is set to head in the same direction. It features ten legendary blues covers from the likes of Muddy Waters, howling Wolf and John Lee Hooker but all played in the style of World music artists like Tinariwen. An excellent take on these blues classics, ‘Nothing’s Sacred’ is out 1 November.

Gold & Silver from Atlamer’s Muse

Atlamer’s Muse is a Gold Coast duo made up of singer/songwriter Naia Neith and multi-instrumentalist/producer James Arrowsmith AKA Cactus James. Their latest track, released in September ‘Gold & Silver’ sees the duo return to their signature synthpop sound. They say this song” represents female rage in fighting for the right to take up space in this world and becoming the hero in your own life.” While the pair have been writing and recording new material, this track is a reminder of their electronic origins – showcasing Naia’s captivating vocals and dynamic vocal range alongside Cactus James’ bop-inducing work on synths.

Buttery, Honey Lips

Smooth as butter, sweet as honey, Buttered have delivered another soulful gem in ‘Honey Lips’. Buttered – made up of Scott Dalton and Jackson James-Smith are experts in soulful song-making. All of their music has more than a sprinkle of soul and jazz, and comes served with a side of blues and suavity. This track is no different. ‘Honey Lips’ cements Buttered position as the undisputed kings of smooooooth and it’s remarkable that they capture the perfection of their studio recordings when they perform live.

Sook’s Strange Sadness

Sook is a GC band that’s been around since 1997 with Kirk Mesmer at its core.

A long-time collaborator with Human Records owner Guy Cooper, Sook’s new song ‘Stranger Though in Sadness’ continues Kirk’s journey into exploring originality through harmony and song. While the song is a little darker than Sook’s other music, it explores a range of emotions and takes you on a sonic rollercoaster ride to deposit you at the heart of rock n roll.


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