Chloe popa

Co-founder and Managing Director

Chloe Popa

Chloe is Co-founder and Managing Director of the Gold Coast’s award-winning cultural street press Blank, as well as the Gold Coast Music Network and Awards. With a background working in communications, project management and community and partnership development in the conservation sector, for the past nine years Chloe has transferred her eclectic experience and skills to another of her passions, music and the arts.

Chloe largely looks after the marketing, branding and event direction for the Gold Coast Music Network and enjoys connecting with and learning more about the local music industry, while working to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent coming out of the Gold Coast region.

Music pedigree

As a dedicated music consumer since early life, bingeing Sunday morning Rage and rotating through her parents 70s era record collection, her taste has morphed through favourites such as Salt n Peppa, John Denver, Spiderbait, Florence and the Machine and nearly every Gold Coast musician who has nominated for the annual Awards.

Honing a love of the live music experience through a relentless schedule of gig and festival attendances during her younger years, Chloe’s first true Gold Coast music experience was the eponymous Big Day Out, way back in 2000.

Actual music skill? None. Although, after an admirable attempt to learn the bagpipes for her school pipe band, Chloe quickly moved onto the tenor and then bass drum. Finally landing the position of Drum Major, providing direction and a few flourishes out the front while the band performed on time and in step.