Amanda Gorman

Co-founder and Business Development Director

Amanda Gorman

Amanda is Co-founder and Business Development Director of the Gold Coast Music Network, as well as Blank Street Press.  An eternal optimist, Amanda is the epitome of the term a ‘people person’. Driven by a passion to connect, promote, inspire and elevate those around her, Amanda has been nurturing partnerships for the Gold Coast Music Awards for the past 8 years.

Working across both Gold Coast Music Network and Blank Street Press, Amanda has a knack for developing genuine partnerships and solid business relationships within our community. With a significant background working in corporate sales prior to focussing her skills on the Gold Coast Music Awards, Amanda has honed her love of connecting with people and problem solving, to create long lasting business relationships.

As a passionate creative, Amanda has also spent many years working behind the scenes in stage productions, where she learned from an early age that side of stage and not centre stage was where her heart lay. Studying a Diploma in Special FX and Entertainment make up saw her work this area during her early career, before landing as an accomplished Gold Coast visual artist today.

Amanda loves nothing more than sharing a pot of Earl Grey or a cheeky G & T with the city’s bustling businesses who share a love of our unique and dynamic region’s ever growing creative scene.

Music pedigree

Amanda is one of those people that knows ALL of the lyrics to all of the songs and sings pretty much each moment of her day. Singing scales in the shower is her morning meditation and mindfulness practice. She loves music of all kinds and is known to have a physical reaction to it, regularly having to explain to her kids why that orchestral piece or symphony had her face flooded with tears or why she cannot stop smiling to another.

Music has the ability to transport her to another time or place, where she can either imagine herself back in a moment or forget where she is for now. Although she owns a guitar, she is yet to learn beyond the point of stopping for the pain in her fingertips prevails. Amanda’s first Rock Concert was front row for INXS where the legendary Tim Farriss patiently tossed 3 different guitar pics to the ever so clumsy Amanda, who dropped all except the last which she still cherishes today. Amanda is no stranger to a music festival having attended as many of our Aussie festivals as she could along with Lollapalooza and Glastonbury whist living abroad.

Amanda loves our Gold Coast Music Scene and can be heard championing it to anyone who will listen. Each year the awards bring with them a range of new favourites for Amanda to delight in and she couldn’t be prouder of her city and the amazing talent who also call it home.