Talent On Tap: New Music March


Words by Samantha Morris

From the sublime to the sanguine, March brings with it a whole swag of new Gold Coast tunes. Producer Mattymadeit makes the move from producer to artist territory, Hussy Hicks collaborate with Minnie Marks, Gesticulations and Karl S Williams celebrate new albums and Until We Fall make a clamorous debut. We’ve got rap and hip hop, blues, country and metal, a bunch of pop, and dance tracks to get you through the day. We welcome brand new artists as well as old faves to this month’s playlist, and no matter what your taste, you’ll find something you love.

Listen to our curated Spotify playlist here or read on for all details on the latest releases.


Gesticulations are In the Wars

Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton is best known for his work booking venues and festivals and wrangling media for emerging artists. But that’s fast changing, as Asho and Benny D Williams, along with mates, deliver album after album under the moniker Gesticulations. ‘In The Wars’ is Gesticulations’ sixth album since 2021. ‘It’s not Me, It’s You’ is a stand-out with guitar solo adding weight to the dichotomy of Asho’s vocals alongside guest Tracey Collings’. Asho brings a rough and ready Lou Reed vibe that perfectly complements Tracey’s sweet tones. Tracey appears in a bunch of other songs too – with beautiful harmonies adding considerable depth. Asho’s songwriting has grown and evolved over Gesticulations’ short lifespan with many of his songs reflecting the ups and downs of life – the death of loved-ones, lifelong friendships, depression and a sense of feeling lost. Benny D Williams and Asho obviously have a great connection in the studio, demonstrated by the continuous improvement to their music – with ‘In the Wars’ being the pinnacle to date. To my ears, it’s more polished and poetic than its five predecessors and Asho’s vocals get better with each album.

Fool On The Hill a Hussies x Minnie collab

Minnie Marks has joined Hussy Hicks for the opening track of their soon-to-be-released album ‘Swimming in Uncertainty’. The single ‘Fool on the Hill’ is a classic blues number and with the duelling guitars of Minnie Marks and Julz Parker, it’s an instant favourite. Leesa’s soulful voice is the perfect accompaniment to guitars which sound like wailing voices themselves. I cannot wait to hear this jam live. And the whole album for that matter.

A Memory from Until We Fall

After five years of shared ideas and ‘what ifs’, Until We Fall is here. Founded by two former band mates and long-time collaborators, the outfit’s debut single ‘A Memory’ is riff-heavy with soaring vocals. It’s potently melodic with guitars and power-rhythms a centrepiece. This song is more of an adrenaline shot than a softly-goes debut and with it, Until We Fall have boldly announced their arrival on the local heavy music scene. With an album due sometime this year, we’re absolutely ready for more.

Ngarraanga Wajaarr from YT Dingo and Clark Webb

‘Ngarraanga Wajaar’, which translates to ‘respect Country’is a profound musical journey with Gumbaynggirr language front and centre. Recent Gold Coast resident, YT Dingo (pron white dingo) seamlessly weaves his rap narrative alongside Gumbaynggirr language-keeper Clark Webb’s vocals. Together, the pair have delivered a powerful ode to Gumbaynggirr Country that captures the essence of respecting nature, our roots and our enduring connection to land. The track is available for purchase on the YT Dingo website with fundraising supporting Guymbaynggirr Freedom School to teach more students in Language.

Running remixed for Kirsty Abrahams

Gold Coast musician Kirsty Abrahams has joined forces with producer Deakin XD to reimagine her single ‘Running’ as an upbeat dance remix. It’s an uplifting track, perfect for Gold Coast summers, Sunday sessions or a sweet little boogie. It’s out 29 February and with Kirsty’s stunning voice at its core, has all the hallmarks of an absolute banger.

Big AL is here to give you love

Laid back r’n’b vibes are the order of the day for Big AL and his new release ‘Give You Love’. The 27 year old Sunnybank resident has limited musical experience but collaborated with two people he met on social media to bring the track to life: Eman – who won a verse challenge to be involved; and Lesna, whose journey AL followed on a platform called bigo. “I invited both of them into the studio and we were able to bring this song to life, giving them the spotlight and showing people new talent,” AL said. Lesna’s vocals complementing beautifully and excellent production ties it all together. ‘Give You Love’ is Big AL’s first release and we’re excited to hear what might come next.

Klacey has been Waiting for a While

‘Waiting for a While’ is the new dance-pop single, from Gold Coast artist KLACEY AKA Kara Bradley. With a ridiculously up-beat pop sentiment and catchy chorus, once bass and drums are added alongside a dance breakdown, it’s hard to sit still while listening. ‘Waiting for a While’ sees Klacey work with producer Josh Beattie and mastering engineer Paul Blakely to deliver this punchy piece of pop perfection. It’s easy to visualise an amphitheatre filled with people jumping around like maniacs to this song.

Union Camp release instant classic

Every month I’m astounded at the new (to me) talent on the Gold Coast. That you can live and breathe nothing but local music for a decade and still be hearing fresh sounds. Let me introduce you to Union Camp – a local trio comprising MulesMecca, Syntax and Tactic One. Their new EP ‘Dafoe II’ builds on everything we love about Australian hip hop but with a “neo-spin on classic sounds”. Dafoe II is an instant classic. While Drill is the standard for rap music in 2024, Union Camp takes classic hip hop and elevates it. There’s not a huge amount of rap and hip hop coming out of the Gold Coast and Union Camp are proudly flying that flag.

East Tennessee in Jase Lansky’s sights

Gold Coast Music Awards finalist Jase Lansky has dropped his first single for 2024, ahead of his EP ‘Hella Good Time’, due for release mid-year. ‘East Tennessee’ is a straight-up country song with Jase’s unique vocals featured alongside classic themes of drinking away lost love. It’s out 1 March.

Uncertain release for Jaz Sebastian

Dramatic, cinematic and genre-defying, ‘Uncertain’ is many things. But one thing it’s not is predictable. Or boring. Its creator Jaz Sebastian is an actor, voiceover artist, writer, musical theatre performer and singer/songwriter and that sense of theatre certainly shines bright in his music. Jaz describes ‘Uncertain’ as having a “cyberpunk Coldplay dystopian city at night” sound. To my ears, it’s great storytelling accompanied by its own inbuilt soundtrack. ‘Uncertain’ is melancholy with an undertone of buoyant hope. With an album (hopefully) out sometime this year, Jaz is one to watch.

Jargøn returns with Cry For Me

Another sonic adventure from Jargøn. ‘Cry For Me’ is a high-energy banger chockas with house beats – a genre the artist is fast redefining. ‘Cry For Me’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Walk With It’ released in recent months and this new track sees Jargøn unveiling more of his musical journey vut with an early 2000s house vibe.

Melody Bliss is Connected at the Hips

A catchy pop number, ‘Connected At The Hips’ is the new single from Melody Bliss. A neo-classic love song, this light-hearted number, full of ooh ahs and a sing-a-long chorus is an easy listen, destined for summer soundtracks. But be warned, it’s an earworm and before you know it you’ll be oohing and ahing without even noticing.


You’ll have heard of Gold Coast sound wizard, producer, writer and dancer, mattymadeit. He’s been producing artists like Logan, JK47, Tanisha and ECB for years, helping them achieve big goals and find their sonic feet in a busy space. Well Matty’s made a new name for himself – a new artist alias LOVECOMEDOWN, and he has set the bar high with his first release ‘Forever’. I can’t quite put my finger on what this song reminds me of. Loungetronica? Old-school soul remix? However you label it, ‘Forever’ is slick, soulful and sparkling with the promise of what’s to come from Matty’s new project.

Karl S Williams releases ‘Rainbows’ on vinyl

Ok, this is not technically a new release, but Karl S Williams has announced the much-anticipated arrival of his latest album ‘Rainbows in the Gasoline’ on vinyl – something dedicated local music fans should work hard to get their hands on. Recorded live-to-tape in a fibro cottage, ‘Rainbows’ marks an important milestone for the much-lauded artist, one of the Gold Coast’s hidden treasures. On ‘Rainbows in the Gasoline’ Karl’s songs are delivered the same way he presents them live – often solitary, just a man with his music, and if you’ve seen Karl perform you’ll know how spellbinding those performances are. On a darkened stage, Karl and his piano or banjo or guitar do something to shift the listener’s psyche in subtle and introspective ways. Karl’s music is, quite simply, tonic for the soul. He can tell a story, he can shift a mood, he can uplift and inspire and he can make you simultaneously celebrate and mourn the world we live in. From piano ballads to finger picking folk songs, on ‘Rainbows in the Gasoline’ Karl has again, showcased his exceptional musicianship, his poetic songwriting skills and his genre-defying artistic excellence.



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