Words by Samantha Morris

This month’s Talent on Tap cohort demonstrates the depth and diversity of musical talent here on the Gold Coast. From theatrical pop music through to nightcore and punk, we’ve got all bases covered this July. Fake News, Birds Are Fake and Goatzilla bring the heavy in fine form with a mix of thrash, punk and advocacy for the marginalised, while Selve return with new single Suga combining elements of psych and alt-rock. Rhea Robertson drops a lo-fi love song, Chloe Behrens brings solace to those fleeing abusive relationships and Tiffen Grace goes part country, part pop with her second release ‘Too Cool’. All-in-all, we’ve got 18 tracks of musical gold, worthy of playlists, sing-alongs and moshpits the world over. 


Harrison Cramond drops eclectic banger

With a nod to the many genres that framed his childhood, Harrison Cramond’s new track ‘Wait Till I Get Home’ showcases an eclectic mix of influences and capabilities. Blending acoustics, electric guitar, drums and piano, the song is part dance track part alt-rock, complete with killer riffs and feel-good lyrics. 20-year-old Harrison has combined exceptional guitar work with a rhythm-driven composition to deliver a song which is uplifting, funky and sure to get you moving. 

Time and Place for Fake News

If melodic pop-punk riffage is your jam, Fake News are your new favourite band. ‘Time and Place’ is the new 6-track EP from this Gold Coast x Brisbane outfit, who’ve been treading the boards in local venues since 2017. On the back of a big year supporting the likes of Lagwagon, Pennywise and Strung Out, they’ve delivered a tight, well-produced, fast and furious EP that sets them up as one of the region’s best punk bands. With quick-fire tempo, clever lyricism and well-honed instrumentation, ‘Time and Place’ takes you on a journey through a range of punk sub-genres, ending with the kind of cover only true punks could pull off. 

Selve are high on Suga

Selve are back with new single ‘Suga’ – one of four new singles due for release in 2024. With elements of psych and alt-rock and fresh from dazzling audiences at SXSW Sydney, BLAK DAY OUT, Springtime and BIGSOUND, this Gold Coast x Brisbane collective combine incredible stagecraft and show skills with impeccably crafted songs. Fast becoming known for their visual show, Selve – led by Loki Liddle (Jabirr Jabirr) and Reece Bowden (Anaiwan) – are again collaborating with writer / director Alethea Beetson to premiere Selve Cinema at HOTA as part of Bleach Festival 2024. ‘Suga’ is an upbeat song with catchy lyrics and sublime sounds, solidifying Selve’s position as one of the city’s most artistic acts. 

Exceptional debut for Birds Are Fake

Post-punk comes to the fore in Birds Are Fake’s new track ‘Pictures (Of A Third World)’. With the kind of tone and energy that can only come from punk, Birds Are Fake have delivered an exceptional debut release. Produced by Guy Cooper at Serotonin Productions, ‘Pictures’ – like all good punk songs – is a big sonic FUCK YOU to perpetrators of police violence, a war cry against extreme poverty and corruption, an anthem for marginalised people. This is punk at its finest – cathartic, to-the-point, for and of the people. Birds Are Fake have arrived. 

TBT Rhea Robertson

Local songstress Rhea Robertson has released her second collab with producer Chakaman in the form of ‘TBT’. A cute, lo-fi love song chock-full of Rhea’s sultry and jazzy vocal undertones, ‘TBT’ is a swirly, dreamy, laidback track – a little bit flirty and a little bit nostalgic, ‘TBT’ is a deviation for Rhea, combining her usual quirky, alt-pop with Chakaman’s signature lo-fi chill. 

This is O.L.B.

Bringing Latino jams to Australian music lovers since 1998, O.L.B. are four brothers who have music in their veins. New EP ‘This is O.L.B’ showcases the best of the band’s pop-Latin crossover music and sees the Gold Coast quartet combine the best of dance and club vibes with their Latino roots. ‘This is O.L.B.’ is available on YouTube. 

Alien Nation is here

Chaos reigns in Goatzilla’s new single ‘Alien Nation’ which sees the Gold Coast four-piece – recently signed to X Music – deliver a punk-rock-metal-thrash concoction of epic proportions. Clever lyrics feature over soaring vocals and face-melting guitar, culminating in a sweet assault on the ears. ‘Alien Nation’ is a fast-paced, exhilarating ride with riffs aplenty.  We’re very excited about the album of the same name, which is due to follow quick on the heels of this teaser. 

Waterfalls for Charlie Mitchell

18yo crooner Charlie Mitchell is known for his penchant for big bands. Currently working with Hall of Famer and Gold Coast resident Louie Shelton (LA Wrecking Crew) he’s currently writing music to be recorded live with a 13-piece band. But getting gigs with a 13-piece big band is no mean feat, so Charlie is also working on a repertoire of pop songs – to help attract a more youthful audience. Produced by Josh Beattie and mastered by Paul Blakey, ‘Waterfall’ is about the pressure experienced by men and boys to portray a tough exterior, to not cry, to not show emotion. It’s a perfectly crafted song, which showcases Charlie’s stunning voice alongside its important and timely message. 

LILS delivers Breakdown

LILS, previously releasing music as Lilly Thompson has made her first debut under her new artist name. ‘Breakdown’ sees the Gold Coast musician find a niche with her upfront Aussie accent and a relaxed indie vibe. Lils’ obvious fondness for a synth (or two), a funky bassline and stacked harmonies on wordy lyricism really shines on this track. It’s an upbeat, retro-inspired pop banger with a catchy chorus and clever lyrics. 

Chloe Behrens is Sorry for Your Sin

Exploring the aftermath of an abusive relationship, Chloe Behrens’ new track ‘Sorry For Your Sin’ is vulnerable and reflective – sharing a story of personal pain and hoping it will bring solace to those who’ve been through similar. Live musicians perform every aspect of the song, adding a layer of sincerity and intimacy to the final recorded piece. The end result is a track which is emotive, with sparse instrumentation, elevating Chloe’s voice and her impactful lyrics as its centrepiece.

Tiffen Grace is Too Cool

Tiffen Grace’s new track ‘Too Cool’ is her second release – coming on the back of debut single ‘Mastermind’. The new song sees Tiffen delve into a little bit of country, a little bit of pop. It’s a catchy, energising track which showcases the artist’s voice and lyrical ability. 

Stand Still a nightcore banger

UK singer-songwriter Martha Goddard has lent her vocals to this new mix by TCAT. With an original Nightcore feel but coupled with the elegance of EDM production and electric guitar, it’s a heady combination, sure to fuel long nights on the dancefloor. With more than 15k streams in its first week, this track is already impacting heads and hearts all over the world. 

Holy Basil is the Creative Queen

With a distinctive sound and a multi-genre sound, Holy Basil is back with her second single ‘Creative Queen’. Rich in lyrical sass, and using hyperpop-electronic beats, the track defies pigeon-holing with elements of theatre, classical, pop and rock showing that holy is unafraid to experiment, to define her own sound and to set her own direction. ‘Creative Queen’ is an exciting release, teasing what’s to come for this compelling and unique artist. 

Loose Goose on the Nectarine Fuzz

Loose Goose are back with new track ‘Nectarine Fuzz’, a self-described slow-burner. With fuzzy wailing guitars and a low tempo, the single sees a slight variation to the band’s previous tracks. With a heart-wrenching aural climax and full of heart, ‘Nectarine Fuzz’ is indie-GC-rock at its finest.  

Flukes of Sendington release Fine Wine ahead of Euro tour

Byron outfit Flukes of Sendington, having formed only this year, are rapidly gaining momentum. About to embark on a Euro tour, the cosmic-fused psych-funk lords are just about due to drop new single ‘Fine Wine’. With a catchy drop D riff at its heart, ‘Fine Wine’ is part garage, part indie-funk, with the end result a sonic journey to psychedelia – albeit their unique take. Band member Rai says “At the time I think this was ‘bout that feeling of growing up and maturing like a fine wine. You either get old and bitter like lemon juice or you take in all of life’s lessons and let it shape you into your finest form.”

Unfamiliar Boy for Chavez Cartel

Luring the listener in with a stripped back opening, Chavez Cartel don’t take long to unleash their usual musical fury in new track ‘Unfamiliar Boy’.  With their signature guitar riffs, fat bass and powerhouse vocals, this local four-piece have delivered another dark, yet strangely uplifting piece of heavy rock, which fans of their bulbous soundscapes will no doubt lap up with much joy. ‘Unfamiliar Boy’ is out July 10. 

Concept album for prchr.

prchr. is just about to release (11 July) his debut concept record ‘Album One: everything that’s wrong with me.’ With every track unique and set within a different suburb of the GC, prchr. (pronounced Percher) takes the listener through an emotional journey as he runs from toxicity and self-doubt to arrive at the airport and start anew. Each track is sonically unique with the album kicking off with spoken word, furious rock and solid riffage. Through the album, we hear elements of alt-indie-rock and heavy gaze. There are softer elements intertwined with face-melting guitar. There are melodic interludes and clever lyrics. But most of all there’s a driving rhythm that underpins all of the album’s 10 tracks – tying them together thematically. There’s something for everyone on ‘Album One’. And there’s no question that with its release, prchr has set himself up in primo position when it comes to guitar-driven Gold Coast rock. 


YT Dingo drops Body That Bliss

Percussive, dynamic and high-energy. YT Dingo’s new track ‘Body That Bliss’ is more than just a song – it’s a full-body experience; an anthemic track to get you on your feet and elevate your spirit. With infectious bottom-ended beats, ‘Body That Bliss’ has fun lyrics, a howling chorus and good vibes all-round. “Bend ya knees. Roll dem hips,” peeps.




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