Kirsty Abrahams

Program and Industry Coordinator / Awards Administrator


Kirsty Abrahams is the Program and Industry Coordinator for the Gold Coast Music Network and Awards. She also acts as the judging panel administrator for the Gold Coast Music Awards. Kirsty’s day to day job is on the ground and in the pit with the artists, bands and other music industry workers here on the Gold Coast and around Australia. She is the go to contact for the local musicians and music industry workers and happily connects the industry when a suitable collaboration is evident.

Kirsty is passionate about career sustainability in the music industry and has a Masters Degree in International Music Business where she studied the impacts music cities have around the world. Kirsty has a desire to see the Gold Coast established as an Internationally recognised music city.

Music pedigree

A performer and music maker herself, Kirsty is passionate about helping emerging artists establishing achievable career plans and seeing Gold Coast artists excelling and kicking big industry goals. Kirsty is an experienced creative industries lecturer and represents the Gold Coast Music Network as a speaker on creative industry panels and conferences throughout the year.

Kirsty has a Master’s degree in International Music Business (M.MusBus) from Box Hill Institute and a Bachelor of Popular Music (BPopMus) from Griffith University’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Kirsty has worked in a variety of roles throughout the local music industry. From booking venues, stage and production management, band management and promotion to mental health support for music industry workers, her passion for the musician behind the music has given her the zeal to continue throughout the last decade.