You must respond to separate nomination criteria for each category.

  • Each category has its own criteria and a separate set of questions which must be answered. 
  • There is no benefit to asking other people to nominate you. Only one nomination per artist per category is accepted. As this is not a popularity contest, fan nominations are not accepted.
  • You will need to gather supporting information and evidence for some categories. You can read the questions for each category here
  • For all categories you will need an up-to-date bio, no longer than 150 words that is cleared for our marketing use, as well as two press shots. Depending on how you submit your nominations – you may only need to provide this once. 
  • You may nominate for multiple categories.
  • You cannot nominate for both Artist and Breakout Artist – you may only nominate in one or the other category.
  • You may only nominate one song for Song of the Year. This should be your best song.

Venue Category

A dedicated Gold Coast live music venue where the primary form of entertainment is live, original music individual for technical mastery of a specific instrument, including voice.

GCMA Nominations 2024 - Venue

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Venue of the Year

This award recognises a dedicated Gold Coast live music venue, where the primary form of entertainment is live, original music. 

Judges will consider the care and support the venue shows for its audiences and performing artists which might include accessibility and safety but also marketing for emerging artists and good production. Judges will also consider how the venue maintains professional business practices and the venue’s reputation and respect amongst other venues, patrons, performing artists and the broader music industry.

You can find out more about each category and the judging criteria here. 

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